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Oct 28, 2013 12:30am EDT
nato russian missile defense, you could actually make it in that sense further relationship. then perhaps even washington and moscow. i think their primary responsibility to lead our nuclear rucks, maybe there is a conversation to be had between the two capitals, perhaps britain, france, and china, as to how they might make some commitments to nuclear arms control. i will stop at that point, and back to you. >> yesterday, a friend of mine presented me with a wonderful record which is called "three tenors" and they were singing with susm synchronicity, i thought, maybe we can do this thing. with nicoli playing the role -- okes aside, i would say that both tom and steve have interesting arguments. i will start with economy, because it is something that we need to address, and we are addressing. there is a community that has 20-plus sub groups that are co-chaired by people on both sides on the ministerial level, and these commissions are working to get better conditions to encourage business -- countries to work together. which is good. we are working also on improving the l re
Al Jazeera America
Oct 28, 2013 4:00pm EDT
to discuss the diplomatic issues that may crop up is former ambassador to nato, ambassador, as always it's great to have you on the program. >> thanks to be here. >> without knowing the specifics of what has been collected in the nsa sweeps, to what degree do you believe the privacy of leaders has been violated here, and how much damage does that really do to the united states? >> right, well first off, if you're a foreign leader you walk around with the assumption that foreign intelligence services are targeting your communications. >> well, that was my next question. >> others are trying to do that, and you know it. the question only is really is the united states doing this or not. that's what we're talking about today. but is anybody doing it? of course, lots of countries do that and you know it. that gets total second issue. the fact that it's the united states, that's being raised by our allies as violating a trust that some how we're allies, we are together, and therefore it's inappropriate for us to be listening in. frankly, i think that there is something to that argument, but l
FOX News
Oct 28, 2013 11:00am PDT
the relationship between the united states and germany is crucial. arguably our second most important ally. nato, european power house. here we are having this very, very delicate and difficult, very public discussion. it makes angela merkel look bad. it makes the president look bad. but at home, there's a real -- there's a real concern as it relates to what did president obama know and when did he know it? >> yeah. >> and neither of the answers are particularly good. >> are we to believe as americans that the president of the united states did not know that we were listening in on chancellor merkel's phone calls for five years? and that he found out yet again about this story when he read about it in the news? >> well, we better hope that's not true. we better hope that the background document that the white house put out, leaked out, it seems, to "the wall street journal" is false. and that it is a lie. what they hold is that the president had no knowledge of one of his closest allies, the leaders of one of our nation's closest allies, being spied upon. and that he didn't approve it and he did
Al Jazeera America
Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
.s. ambassador to nato about whether the reaction is for their people or if it is personal. >> i don't think we should discount the personal feeling of violation that someone like chancellor merkel has. when she realizes it's her very own cell phone that she has in her hand that's being listened to. i can see that there is a personnelment to this and a genuine reaction, but from the establishments in european governments a lot of this is for public con zukauskus. the publics are upset so the government needs to show that they are upset. and it's also convenient for the government to his deflect everything towards blaming the united states rather than having anyone scrutinize what they do. >> let's zero in on chancellor merkel an al annal an ali. how much is going to need to be done for her to be satisfied? what has to happen? what left of the transparency -- does she want to know what do you have? toll at that time? >> i wouldn't say that each and every communication is asking for too much. probably not even achievable to regurgitate but i think what the germans want is an honest answer, what d
Oct 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
the shooter chose his victims at random. >>> it's 7:47. nato officials say they are planning a smaller post war mission in afghanistan. according to the new york times, there will be fewer combat trainers and more military managers to make sure the billions of dollars in security aid are used widely. the paper says unless american and nato troops are there to oversee how the money is spent, it will be hard to account for it in a country known for corruption. >>> the syrian government met a deadline it to submit a detailed declaration of a chemical weapons facilities and the proposal for destroying the weapons. the group overseeing the destruction says the plan drafted by the u.s. and russia is proceeding on schedule. >>> time now 7:48. the troubled healthcare.govwebsiteisupandrun i healthcare.govwebsiteisupandrun ng web site is up and running this morning -- up and running this morning. visitors could not access the web site last night because there was a failure in the net working service provided by verizon. sebelius says does not retain or store information. >>> just turn
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5